Taken from backstage point of view, a beauty queen, wearing a tiara and sash, steps into the spotlights on centre-stage to accept her award.

How to choose the right awards for you.

With so many awards options out there, it can be a tough decision choosing which one (or more) to enter. My advice is to do the research, check back over past winners and see if theirs is the company you want to keep. Ask your team and your clients what their perceptions are and, if the fit matches, then go for it.

Be prepared for what is often a lengthy, expensive, resource-heavy, incredibly detailed process that the more cynical amongst us might even suggest is a money-making scheme for the organisers. Time is precious in a business and sometimes writing entries can be all-consuming but you have to be in it, to win it.

No pain. No gain!

I’m an advocate of awards because, whatever your view, they can be an important asset for your business. Any kind of recognition is an endorsement; simply being shortlisted offers a new level of credibility and can be helpful in positioning your business as an industry leader. It also shows a certain work ethic and dedication that’s reassuring to your clients, reinforcing their loyalty.

Winning and bringing home the trophy bling is next level stuff. It raises awareness of your business brand and sets you apart from the competition. It’s a clear message to everyone that your business delivers award-winning goods and/or services. This new-found visibility is attractive to clients, generating new business leads, and potential investment opportunities.

Approval, reward and recognition from your peers are also a massive morale boost for the team and goes a long way in retaining and attracting the best new employee talent. Attending the ceremonies as a team is a fantastic way to bring everyone together to recognise and reward their collective contribution to making your business a success. Who doesn’t love letting their hair down and celebrating their achievements at a glitzy evening ceremony? Trust me, those events are 10 times better if you win!

Winning feels great!

My events agency, Maynineteen scooped The Drum’s Recommended Agency Register (RAR+) Award 2018 for combined services in the events category. To say we were delighted is an understatement. We were the show’s underdogs for sure, nominated alongside some big-name agencies that offer fully integrated services, of which events are often only a small part. But for us, live events and experiences are everything, that’s what we do, it’s all we do, so to get recognition from our clients feels great!

The RAR+ nominations are determined by the number of client recommendations an agency receives, all of which are made anonymously. It’s a nerve-racking business waiting to see how your customers rate your services and where you appear in the final ranking. But we did it, and it’s all thanks to our amazing clients who empower us to take risks and deliver consistently creative experiences.

Over the years we have taken great pleasure in watching our events help our clients to win lots of Purple Apple Marketing Awards, but we have never before independently entered any awards in our own industry until this year. Responsible for five shortlisted events submitted by our clients at the awards, we also had one of our own nominated. Viva Las Riverside at The Oracle, Reading might not have won this year, but our name is on everyone’s lips and that kind of publicity is priceless.

Go for gold.

It’s been a hell of a journey but one that’s paid off so if you’re thinking about entering your business into an award I say, “Go for it!” You’ll get a taste for it like we have and before you know it you’ll be building a trophy cabinet.

A woman, seen from behind, throws her arms into the air in a gesture of pure joy and elation.