Casillero del Diablo

Securing an audience for a new products showcase


Securing an audience for a new products showcase


product samples across 5 cities


suitable venues sourced


cities promoted

The challenge

Track down an engaged audience of city professionals and affluent achievers and introduce them to a new collection of red wines from wine brand Casillero del Diablo.

How we helped

Alcohol sampling is strictly controlled in many UK venues and can be a minefield to negotiate. Matching suitable locations to specific audience segments is even harder. With our data we were able to pinpoint a Manchester business district that met all the requirements. We also arranged a security and sampling policy that guaranteed no one under 18 would be allowed to try the wine – a misstep that could have had undesirable PR consequences.

The results

The location we secured for the campaign’s open-top double decker bus worked perfectly. The client could talk to and gain feedback from exactly the audience they wanted, without worrying about flouting age restrictions. The event was also a social media success.