Pinpointing the perfect spot for a new store


Pinpointing the perfect spot for a new store


locations identified for market research


commercially viable location

The challenge

Expose the brand to customers at retail destinations without an Oasis store or concession. Identify locations that could effectively showcase the not insubstantial ‘Bessie the Bus’ mobile store.

How we helped

By searching the PinPointer database we identified five key locations that delivered the right audience numbers and demographic, yet had no Oasis stores within a 10 mile radius. We also crosschecked them to match ‘Bessie’s’ requirements for space and access, and to ensure there were no council restrictions that would hamper the brand’s promotion. By doing so we were able to save Oasis time, effort and money, minimising risk and allowing them to focus on the creative.

The results

Customer response was great at every location, and feedback strong enough at one to confirm for Oasis that it would be commercially viable and should be the target for their next new store opening.