Riverford Organics

Face-to-face to source a new route to market



vegboxes delivered each week


Grown from 1 region to 3 in 3 month period

The challenge

Use the data from face-to-face promotional activity to create a more profitable route to market and a strategy for the coming year. Increase sales and refine brand targeting.

How we helped

We polled our database to shortlist prominent venues that matched the desired demographic – city sophisticate and affluent achievers. However with deeper analysis we also pinpointed a series of previously unconsidered locations that could deliver the same profile but with fresher, untapped audiences. Through a detailed cost analysis we were able to negotiate hard with place owners to secure substantial discounts.

The results

Every venue recommended by PinPointer provided a higher sales yield and outperformed promotional locations in Riverford’s existing portfolio  – including those not previously considered by the client. One exceeded sales expectations by 100%. The learnings went on to form the basis of Riverford’s Out of Home face-to-face marketing strategy.