Where we provide it

In the UK's strongest centres of customer concentration

Shopping centres

Dynamic environments perfect for promoting to customers ready to listen and ready to spend

Willing customers –  in the purchasing mindset, looking for new products which drives same day product sales. 

High interest –  strong, steady flows of engaged people in locations renowned for high footfall. 

The audience you want – analysed for age, profile, even when and where they most frequently shop. 

Towns & high streets

Invaluable test beds for new ideas, launches and store locations – with big impact

A sample of everyone – a chance to expose your brand or product to a huge, varied and constantly changing audience.

Stand out – ideal backdrop to create a bold, attention-grabbing presence with the accessibility that makes large scale presentations possible.

Fresh faces – talk face-to-face with a wide range of potential new audience segments. Trial proposed store locations for retail interest and revenue.

Transport interchanges

From local rail stations to international airports, buy, high-footfall locations with a unique audience profile

Reach the working population – unmatchable opportunity to talk face-to-face with thousands of workers. 

Great cost efficiency – huge number of passing, potential customers at rates well below many other location types. 

Excellent dwell time – flyers and passengers looking for ways to turn a long wait into a positive experience.

Festivals & events

From professionals actively hunting new products and services to targeted audiences tough to find elsewhere

Targeted audiences – our data on hundreds of UK shows and events such as trade shows, festivals and country shows delivers specific, fine-tuned groups, not shotgun crowds.

Open minds – upbeat, unrushed customers, out to enjoy themselves with plenty of time to hear your message.

High hit rate for subscription services – great environment for subscription type products, and we know the shows where you do best.