By Alison Bowcott-McGrath, (Founder and Managing Director – PinPointer Revive & Thrive UK Ambassador for Places) for Issue #12 of Revive & Thrive Place Magazine. 

PinPointer is starting the year off on the road developing our reputation as leading Place Consultants. Whilst out and about PinPointer are consolidating relationships with all of our exclusively managed towns, brands and creative agencies, and all the while is on the radar for new venues.

The events and conferences set on our agenda serve as a larger purpose for PinPointer interlacing the different sectors we work with. The recent Revive and Thrive conference in Northwich was all about towns and their needs.

Last year PinPointer relocated to Exchange Quay as part of our rebrand. With Media City just 5 minutes away it has acted as a central hub for us, placing PinPointer in the heart of the Northern powerhouse. In addition to place events, in February PinPointer was an exhibitor at the media and marketing expo Prolific North Live ’17 at EventCity, Manchester. These events are proving crucial, giving us access to top brands and enabling us to bring new experiences and exclusive product launches to your High Streets.

By conducting regular managed town site visits allows us to identify new locations and look deep to explore new opportunities for promotional activity. Don’t just take our word for it. Take Preston city, Lancashire which we have been managing for only 7 months however we have made quite an impression.

Compare town profiles and assess the effectiveness of each pitch with PinPointer's 'Location DNA'.

“I would be happy to recommend PinPointer to another town contact. The service we have received has been quick and easy and has removed the work involved in organising commercial bookings. Since starting a contract the number of bookings over the winter months has exceeded our expectations” – 8.5/10 recommendation score.

We want to work closer with you and match our client database to target your town’s specific needs and demographics. Our managed market town Morley, Leeds states that PinPointer are “always wanting to work fully in partnership with us and like to understand our needs as a town centre” – 9/10 recommendation score.

PinPointer prides itself as an efficient and fast-paced agency providing a smooth customer journey for both our clients and towns. Our London based managed town Poplar would highly recommend PinPointer. “As a company you have always answered any questions that I have had and in a professional manner” – 10/10 recommendation score.

We are trying to stay ahead of the game – we are actively on the road, building relationships, identifying new goldmine
locations, understanding venues and raising our profile as leading place experts – we really are ‘all about places’.

Don’t forget if you wish to be next on our radar please get in touch so we can take you along our revolutionising expedition across the UK helping to revitalise your High Street.

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