Bo-Concepts founder Alison Bowcott-McGrath is leading a radical relaunch of the ‘places’ consultancy, rebranding it as PinPointer to better communicate the company’s vast insights into shopper intelligence and engagement.

Positioning themselves as the UK’s leading ‘places consultancy’ PinPointer aims to bring together brands, place managers and creative agencies to deliver new opportunities to the high street.

The firm has already been able to help town and city centres find new revenue, retailers discover the best new locations for stores, and work with iconic brands such as Sky TV, EA Games and British Gas to talk directly to thousands of customers.

“We’re passionate about helping brands reach the customers they need,” said Bowcott-McGrath, “and we’re convinced it will make our high streets and shopping centres more exciting locations, bringing dynamic experiences to all and commercial benefit to customers.”

In the last eleven years the company has gathered unique insights into consumer behaviours, about how, when and where people shop: from the busiest times, to the most popular place within the shopping centre, even to when a particular type of audience are ready to interact.

It has grown to be one of UK’s largest ‘place consultancy’ supporting companies to take their message to customers at shopping centres, high streets, events, transport interchanges and more.

“We’ve proved that face-to-face conversations with customers and shoppers is a brilliant way for brands to get their message across,” says Bowcott-McGrath.

“But it’s often hard to realise maximum ROI. With our experience we can absolutely deliver that. The name Pinpointer says everything we want it to do about engaging with exactly the right people at the right time in the right mindset to listen and buy and to deliver the very best bang for every promotional buck.”


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