As consumer attitude shifts more towards the desire for experiences over material possessions, brands are responding with experiential activations to win over shoppers on an emotional level. Town centre high streets and shopping centres are the backbones of this brand experience, offering a unique opportunity for direct consumer engagement. When brands get it right by offering relevant and authentic experiences, they create a loyal audience of potential followers with an emotional bond to the lifestyle and brand values.

But why leave it just to them?  Town centre high streets can and should offer experiences to connect visitors to their space, assuming all the other essentials are in place, like a good mix of shops and services, car parking facilities with attractive rates, Wi-Fi facilities in support of a strong digital experience, and excellent customer service.

Unique and memorable experiences that we share with others connect us to spaces in ways that encourage loyalty. Ask anyone who has attended a festival and enjoyed singing and dancing along to their favourite band with a bunch of random strangers. Connective memories are created, and life-long friendships made in those fields of mud! They’re also repeated year after year with a loyal following that grows exponentially.



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